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Why Do Hit-and-Run Drivers Flee?

 Posted on February 13,2024 in Uncategorized

Lake Zurich car accident lawyerAny car accident can be traumatic, but hit-and-run accidents often leave those involved even more shaken up. A hit-and-run accident is one where the driver flees the scene after hitting another vehicle or pedestrian. According to national statistics, almost 3,000 people are killed each year in hit-and-run accidents. An Illinois personal injury lawyer knows there are several common reasons why some drivers flee instead of stopping when they have been involved in a crash, including the following. Call our office for legal assistance if you have been injured in a hit-and-run accident.   

Fear of Consequences

One of the most common reasons hit-and-run drivers do not stop is fear of facing the consequences of their actions. They may worry about legal repercussions, such as criminal charges, fines, imprisonment, and civil liability for damages and injuries caused by the accident. This can be especially true if there are any of the following factors exist:

Under the Influence

In many hit-and-run cases, the driver may be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Intoxicated drivers may not have the clarity of mind to recognize the seriousness of the situation or may be trying to avoid arrest for driving while impaired.

Unlicensed or Uninsured

Some hit-and-run drivers may not have a valid driver's license or insurance, either because they are driving illegally or cannot afford coverage. They may flee the scene to avoid detection and the potential legal consequences of driving without proper documentation.

Previous Criminal History

Hit-and-run drivers with a history of criminal behavior or traffic violations may be more likely to flee the scene to avoid arrest or additional charges. Their past experiences with law enforcement may influence their decision-making in the aftermath of an accident.


A hit-and-run driver may panic in the immediate aftermath of the accident, especially if they are inexperienced or prone to anxiety. The shock of the collision, combined with the fear of being caught, can lead to irrational decisions, including fleeing the scene.

Distracted Driving

Distractions such as texting, talking on the phone, or adjusting the radio can contribute to accidents, including hit-and-runs. Drivers who are distracted at the time of the collision may fail to notice that they hit someone or something, or they may prioritize fleeing the scene over stopping to assess the damage.

Contact a Lake Zurich, IL Car Accident Lawyer for a Free Case Evaluation

If a hit-and-run driver has injured you, there may be options available to ensure you collect the financial compensation you may be entitled to for the losses you have suffered. A dedicated Lake County, IL hit and run accident attorney can help guide you through this process. Call Salvi Law, Inc. at 847-721-2499 to find out what your legal options may be.

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