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To someone who does not ride motorcycles, the interest in them can seem strange. Why put yourself on such a small vehicle, in such a vulnerable position relative to other cars and trucks on the road? But for those who love motorcycles, the appeal is clear: Freedom, beauty, adrenaline. A motorcycle gives unparalleled views of nature and the feeling of the wind in your hair is, according to enthusiasts, priceless.

Motorcycles do come with serious risks, however. The openness that offers such a great perspective comes from a near-complete lack of physical protection. It is very hard for other drivers to see motorcycles - so hard, in fact, that some studies show that drivers do not see motorcycles even when they are looking right at them. A common saying, even among motorcyclists, is that getting in a crash is a matter of if, not when.

And when motorcycle accidents do happen, they can be absolutely devastating. At Salvi Law, Inc., we have seen individuals, families, and friends deal with the tragic aftermath of the worst kind of motorcycle accident. When car and truck accidents with motorcycles are not fatal, they still carry a huge risk of permanent, crippling injury. However, we strongly believe that just because motorcycle accidents are common does not mean that the people responsible for causing them should not be brought to justice.

If you have been in a motorcycle accident, or lost someone you love in a motorcycle accident, you deserve to know your options. A personal injury attorney cannot undo the accident, but we can aggressively pursue justice in the form of monetary damage from the person or organization responsible.

Are Injuries from Motorcycle Accidents Always Severe?

The seriousness of an accident depends on many factors, including:

  • Speed - Of course, the speed at which a motorcyclist travels matters greatly. Higher speeds increase the chances of more severe injuries. 
  • Objects or other vehicles - Crashing into other vehicles or stationary objects, such as poles or guardrails, tends to result in more severe injuries.
  • Nature of the accident - Some accidents may only involve minor collisions or falls at low speeds, resulting in relatively minor injuries such as sprains, bruises, or cuts. These injuries usually heal with time, requiring less medical treatment.
  • Protective gear - The use of proper protective gear has a major influence on the severity of injuries in motorcycle accidents. Riders who wear helmets, armored jackets, denim, gloves, and sturdy footwear are less likely to be badly hurt. Protective gear can help soften the impact, reduce the risk of head trauma, and reduce damage to other parts of the body.
  • Rider's body positioning and reaction - How a motorcyclist positions their body and reacts in the moments before impact can greatly affect the severity of any injuries. Skilled riders who are able to anticipate and react to hazards may maneuver their body in a way that reduces the force of impact.

No matter how badly you were hurt, if you were in a motorcycle accident caused by another driver's negligence, speak with a personal injury lawyer before you talk to an insurance company or make any decisions about what to do next. You may have a strong case for recovering compensation that could help you pay for medical expenses, a ruined bike, lost wages, and even the loss of a loved one.

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At Salvi Law, Inc., we are dedicated to helping our clients get the help and compensation they need for their motorcycle injuries. Our job is to manage the investigation, negotiation, and litigation so that you can focus on recovering. To learn more about whether you may have a claim, contact a Lake County, IL personal injury lawyer today. Call 847-721-2499 for a free consultation or contact us online.

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