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Mike is an amazing lawyer. He truly cares for his clients best interest. I'd recommend him to anyone and everyone.

- Jules E.


Mike was able to handle my personal protection order case, quickly and easily and ensured the outcome was in my favor which it was! Very personable and friendly.

- Isabella


I broke my wrist and ankle in a car accident. I had one lawyer tell me the case was worth $250, 000. Mike got me $1 million.

- Satisfied Client


Mike Salvi is an excellent attorney and an even better man. I received a settlement of $100,000 MORE than I (or any other attorney I talked to) expected. He is highly knowledgable in the legal field and is tough as nails while fighting for his clients. More importantly, I was treated with the utmost respect and professionalism as he communicated to me as a person and not merely a client.

- Andrew


Let me just say that Samantha will get the job done. I call myself trying to handle my case on my own, which took 6 months of some to little progress. I called Samantha and as little as 3 months, I had a check in my hand. She had a great attitude, responded quickly to my emails, texts and calls. She didn’t back down. I would highly recommend this firm.

- Tamara L.


Dear Mr. Salvi,

I would like to thank you for everything. I was praying to god, to really be with us at this time. I am so blessed to have a wonderful person like you that is in our life. I will say a pray to god to please do something nice in return for you and your family. My husband and I have been thru alot and we really just want to thank you so much.

Thank You, God Bless!!!!

- Desnise P.


Hi Mike,

Thank you so much for being there for us once again. You are an amazing Attorney we are so blessed to have you to represent us. I had no idea how bad Josh's situation was, thank you for all that you did for him. He really liked you a lot thank you for taking such good care of him, he was so nervous. Let us know what we owe you besides our lives.

- Vicki


I know I have said it before but you are truly gifted. As hard as this last year has been, reading this restores my faith that someone is watching out for me. Let me know how things go today and good luck!!

- Steve P.



I want to thank you and your staff for another successful day in court. You and your staff simply out wit and out class the competition. You really know you business. Its refreshing to work with a professional like you and those in your firm. You operate with total honesty, transparency, and fight for your clients 200 percent with legal experience that is far above any other firms I have worked with.

We always feel welcome at your office as well. Much different then going into one of those big tall buildings with chrome glass where you feel like a nobody, and like they are doing you some sort of favor by just talking to you. Your place has a nice warm friendly atmosphere.

Over the years as a business owner I have worked with quite a few attorneys. A lot of them simply have not come through with the results needed and it seams as if most of them don't care a real lot. I truly wish that Denise and I would have hooked up with your team years ago.

We still have possible court dates for Battaglia and maybe Banks. The Contractor lean on our home is still pending as well. Denise and I are very comfortable knowing its in the hands of professionals like you and your staff.

I was serious about doing some part time work as a "Expert witness or consultant with any automotive related cases. I actually enjoy that type of work. Besides the Expert witness work I have done, I was the Jury Foreman in a Coroners inquest case related to the death of person hit by a Semi truck on the interstate. That may have been the most serious case I was involved with. Had it not been for the questions I had for the detectives on the case and the technical information I brought up, a person would have gone to prison who should not have. Truly an interesting day.

When you have time if you could give me that information we spoke, of I would appreciate it. I actually started writing a resume up related to that a couple weeks ago. I'll get back to it and finish it up.

Thanks for the hard work, Tell everyone there to have a nice Thanksgiving.

- Brent J.

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