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Every year, far too many people suffer severe injuries or lose their lives while walking or crossing the road. Pedestrian accidents are more likely to happen in places with a lot of traffic and many pedestrians, but they can also happen in rural areas where drivers are not expecting pedestrians and do not check for them at intersections and crosswalks.

Pedestrian accidents are usually among the most serious types of personal injury cases because pedestrians are so vulnerable to anything that runs into them. In our busy world, this means not just cars and trucks, but also bikes, scooters, and motorized bicycles.

At Salvi Law, Inc., we have had many clients come to us for legal guidance because they have been badly hurt and need answers. Tragically, we also see clients who have lost a parent, spouse, or child to a wrongful death in a pedestrian accident. While we wish these kinds of terrible accidents never happened, we believe it is very important to find out exactly how the accident took place and then work to bring the responsible person to justice.

Why Do Pedestrian Accidents Keep Happening? 

Stop. Look. Listen. It's one of the first things most of us learn from our parents when we begin to become more independent as children. Nearly everyone can tell you how to safely cross the street, so why do pedestrian accidents keep happening? Looking at our modern lifestyle offers some insight.

Today, we are more distracted than ever. This applies to drivers, of course, but also to pedestrians and anyone else using a shared sidewalk or roadway. When someone is looking at their phone, their car's radio system, their children, or their pets, they simply cannot also be looking at the road in front of them.

Distracted driving, therefore, is the lead factor in pedestrian accidents. But there are many other reasons that pedestrian accidents happen, including:

  • Driving while drunk or high (increasingly likely in Illinois, which has legalized marijuana)
  • Drowsy driving 
  • Mechanical failure, like a truck with a blown-out tire
  • Poorly marked crosswalks 
  • Poorly lit intersections
  • Bad weather that limits drivers' and pedestrians' visibility 

Can I Sue a Driver if I Was Hit By a Car While Jaywalking?

Although we all know the rules of the road, many of us still "jaywalk," or cross the road in a place other than an intersection. Illinois law actually allows two or more parties to share fault in an accident, however. So the fact that you were crossing the road when you perhaps should not have been is not necessarily going to keep you from filing a successful claim against a driver who hit you.

Furthermore, depending on the situation, you may be able to take action against a local city or government for failing to provide safe pedestrian walking spaces, especially in areas where pedestrians are known to cross frequently and accidents have happened in the past.

Even if you think you may have been partly to blame for an accident in which you got hurt, talk to a personal injury attorney. You may have more options than you realize.

What Kind of Injuries Are Most Associated with Pedestrian Accidents?

Pedestrian accidents can result in a variety of injuries, some of which have the potential to change a victim's life forever. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Bone fractures, particularly in the torso and head
  • Concussions and other traumatic brain injuries 
  • Soft tissue injuries, such as contusions, sprains, and strains
  • Internal injuries that affect major organs like the stomach and the liver 
  • Psychological injuries, like PTSD and anxiety, that can make it difficult for people to live a normal life or even leave the house
  • Death

Contact a Lake Zurich Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Being in a pedestrian accident can change your life forever. At Salvi Law, Inc., our Illinois personal injury lawyers have seen a wide variety of pedestrian accidents. We are ready to look carefully at your case and help you make a decision about what you want to do next. We serve Lake Zurich, Lake County, and Cook County. Contact us online or call 847-721-2499 for a free consultation.

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